We were getting ready to go bed, a bit late for us at eleven, but there had been a good movie on TV. Granddaughter Susie had watched it with us, as we often permitted her to do when she visited. As I tidied up the house and took the dogs out, I could hear Susie and Alan in one of their favorite pastimes, singing silly songs at bedtime.

“My name is Yon Yonson,
I come from Visconsin.
I vork in the lumber yard there.
Verever I go
The people all say
“Hello! And vat is your name?”
And I say: My name is Yon Yonson…”

Susie was asleep before her head hit the pillow, and we weren’t far behind. As I lay there thinking of what a pleasant evening we’d had together I heard a strange sound. It didn’t seem to bother the dogs, but I couldn’t go to sleep until I checked it out. I climbed out of bed and walked down the hall toward the guest room where Susie was sleeping. Where I thought Susie was sleeping. Then I heard, “my name is Yon Yonson…….”