It took a lot of nerve to confess this problem of mine.  Let me tell you a bit about how it came about.

When I was a teenager, I wore a size four shoe.  Can you believe it?  At that time all of the salesmen’s samples were in my size.  I worked in the shoe department of a large store where the head of the department would give me anything that didn’t sell in a reasonable amount of time.  Oh, the stories I could tell you about all those gorgeous shoes!

However, that’s not why I’m here.  I must confess.

Not only do I have a very large stash of shoes, but I also tend to save things….lots of things.  One never knows when styles will change, and that pair of black lace pumps might come back in fashion.

One awful thing happened along the way.  My feet got larger with each child.  It broke my heart, but I had to give up some of those treasures.  I did keep them in a large box in the garage for a long time before getting brave enough to part with them, though.

Now I have special shoe shelves where I can proudly display my collection, with room behind them to hide recent acquisitions.  Those of us with this affliction to tend to hide our excesses.

There have been a great many instances where I have been completely unable to resist the need for more shoes.  In those cases, I have developed a technique to avoid being confronted with my problem.  I just put them way back on the shelf for a month or so, and when someone says “not another pair of new shoes”, I can honestly say, “no, I’ve had them for quite a while.”

Now comes the sad part.  With age, my old feet can no longer wear all those beautiful shoes.  I’d need training wheels!

I’m getting better, though.  I’ve found someone who has this same disorder, and she wears the same size.  Now, instead of buying new shoes, I just feed her addiction.