Mikolas was born in Greece, an albino baby in a land of handsome dark children.  So shocked was his family when they first saw him that they immediately requested he be put up for adoption.  It was not easy placing a child with this handicap, and it took several years before a suitable family was found.  These were years spent being hidden from the curious eyes of strangers.  He was not abused, but he didn’t get loving acceptance, and became a quiet child.

Harry and Esther were excited to finally have a child after years of attempting to have one of their own.  They knew Mickey, as they had nicknamed him, was an albino toddler, but otherwise completely normal.  They were wealthy enough to provide whatever was necessary to give this little boy a normal life.

When he was carried off the plane by the woman from the adoption agency, they were there with open arms.  Mickey seemed to sense that this was a special time in his life, and he greeted them with a shy smile.  In his homeland he had never been shown love and kindness, and even though he was far too young to comprehend the change, he took to his new parents immediately.

Harry, being a physician, knew about contact lenses for albino children, and had arranged for his baby son to be seen the next day.  With his new blue contacts, Mickey was a pretty little boy.  His pale skin was accepted in the United States, to the point that no one except the immediate family knew he was an albino.

Because he was in constant danger of becoming sunburned, his parents usually made his outings in the evenings.  To honor his Greek heritage, they often took him to the festivals at their local Greek Orthodox church.  Even though he didn’t care much for the food, the music was like magic for him.  Soon the men of the group had this tiny boy dancing with them, swaying to the music of his homeland.

It was becoming obvious that this child had a great talent for music, and before he started school his mother began to give him piano lessons.  He would sit on the bench beside her and sway to the music she played for him, and soon he was playing it on his own.  His ability was surprising for such a young child, and he loved playing the piano.

Mikolas became a famous classical pianist, but never returned to his homeland.  His distant memories of Greece were not comforting, and he felt no need to visit the land where he was born.  He did, however, incorporate much of his heritage in his concerts, always including something that would make the audience sway to his music.

As Mickey, he lived a quiet life, just he and his pets.  They kept to themselves in their carefully hidden home on the hillside, and seldom ventured out, but occasionally  they could be seen strolling the nearby paths together.  He usually ended his evenings sitting outside on his sheltered patio. The soft Greek music always playing in the background often moved him to dance.

© meegiemom