I am brown, and I color the eyes of Himself.  Without my depth, they would be pale and much less appealing to gaze into.  With my help, those eyes can convey every possible emotion, the entire spectrum of feelings, without saying a word.  My beautiful color can make those eyes smile with love.  


I am brown, the color of Meegie’s eyes.  Most dogs have brown eyes, but few have quite the capacity to speak in nearly human terms, as do Meegie’s.   With my help she can explain that one of her humans must open the door for her so she can go out and lie in the sun.  When she’s had enough, those eyes are all that are needed to get someone to open the door so she can come back in.


I am brown, the color of chocolate.  When humans see my rich color and delectable sheen, they instinctively begin to imagine chocolate’s smooth taste on their palates, and the creamy feel of it slowly sliding down their throats.  I am probably at my best as the color of chocolate.  It has likely caused wars, and if it has not, it may one day.  A world without chocolate would not be a pretty place.  


© Meegiemom