“Looking at Paris in this light brings back memories of so many years ago,” said Alan.  “I remember that first ride into town, just like today.  I was so young, and so alone. I was part of a group of officers who were brought in to help stabilize our presence in this war torn city.  I thought then that Paris is a city for lovers.”

Yes, I know about that, Ginny thought.  You’ve told me this story many times.

“When the doctors told us my cancer was in remission, the one thing I wanted most to do was to bring you here to Paris, my Ginny.  I know we only have a short time, but I will treasure this time for a thousand years.”

“When we get to the hotel, I think I need to rest for a bit, and then I want to take you to a lovely little street café.  We can sit with a glass of wine and watch the beautiful people of this city.  That was one of my favorite things to do when I was here.  I think all runway models must first put in a requisite number of hours parading before the admiring eyes of the tourists here before they’re permitted on the runways of the fashion houses.”

“Rest now, Alan, while you can.  We’ll talk later,” Ginny said.

“Thank you, my love, I won’t sleep long,” Alan said.

This ambulance trip is our last ride together, Ginny thought.  When we get to the Hospice Hospital we’ll be there together for the rest of your days on this earth, my beloved.  They tell me your condition is deteriorating rapidly, and that I must give you permission to die.  I don’t know if I can do that.

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