I met an old friend yesterday, and after the usual “how are you?” and “so good to see you”, we launched into a discussion of what had happened in our lives since we last met, over ten years ago.  Naturally, I expected to hear how the family was doing, and were there any additions of late, etc.  Since we seemed to be stuck in one of those situations were we could neither one think of anything to say, I asked about his health.  Boy, was that a bad idea.  This gentleman, who I had thought to be a dear friend, began a tirade of ugliness about our health care system, our country, our government, our president and the Democratic Party, in no particular order.  Now, I’ve always considered myself a middle of the road type, open to most anything that’s done in the name of legislation as long as it’s honest and being proposed for the right reasons.  According to said friend,  I too have become the enemy, along with many of our mutual acquaintances , solely because of my political persuasion, or lack thereof.

It is my fervent hope that one day soon someone will speak up, very publicly, about what has happened to our American attitude.  I don’t believe we need to publicly put down our fellow citizens just because they don’t agree with our politics.  I’ve been around nearly eighty years, and I can never remember this kind of downright meanness being doled out by folks who we had thought were dear friends.  This whole attitude is so terribly destructive, as a nation and as individuals.  Whatever has happened to America?

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