From our back deck we get a beautiful view of the mountains immediately to our west.  As the sun sinks behind the mountain it is a lovely place to sit and enjoy our evening cocktail.  As darkness begins to fall, we see the large cross on the mountainside, covered with lights, that’s been there for years.  No one seems to know who put it there, or why.

Off to the left of the cross there’s a large cluster of tamarisk trees part way up the side of the hill closest to us. Each evening a peculiar thing happens there, and I am at a loss to explain it.  Tiny lights among the trees come on at about dusk, and then, in a clearing among the trees, a chubby little pink man appears, totally naked.  He reminds me of a cupid, all round and angelic looking. There’s a spa tub in the clearing, and surrounded by the trees it has a look of total privacy.  The little man begins to dance around the tub, slowly circling, hands over his head, as if in a trance. As he finishes his dance, which can take anywhere from several minutes to nearly an hour, he carefully steps into the tub and immerses himself in the steaming water.  The look of serenity on his face is so peaceful that I know he must be happy in his secret place, but is he lonely?  I’ve never seen anyone else with him, but then, no one else has ever seen him, only me.

© 2013 meegiemom